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Am I the only one who loves tea cups and china?

Updated: May 10, 2021

I have always loved china and tea cups but I have always found it difficult to display them. I've never had a dining room big enough to have a hutch substantial enough to hold my china and just hanging them on the wall has always felt a little cluttered. While browsing Pinterest one day I saw an adorable tea cup wreath and I fell in love. Unfortunately, the post didn't have any instructions so I starting researching. After a couple of different ways to make them and knowing my own skill set I gathered my supplies. Most of the supplies came from the dollar store or the thrift shop.


  • Scissors

  • 22 gauge flower wire

  • tulle (any color but a darker color will cover the wire wreath easier)

  • any size wire wreath

  • 8-10 cup or plates

  • if using plates you will need plate hangers

  • 50 pound hook to hang wreath

  • Hot glue gun

  • paper flowers

  • Ribbon

First I arranged the plates and cup around on the table how I wanted them on the wreath. Next I wrapped the tulle around the wreath frame. It doesn't need to be perfect because the plates or cups will cover most of it. Then I put the plate hangers on all of the plates and wrapped them with wire to attach them to the wreath. I also put wire on the handles of the cups as well.

With everything prepped it was time to attach the cups and plates. Poking the wire through the tulle and twisting the wire around the wreath. After holding the wreath upright to see if it would fall off I trimmed the wire down and tucked it in the tulle so it wouldn't scratch the wall. When all the plates and cups were attached I felt like it needed a little something extra so I went back to the craft store and got some ribbon and little paper flowers. I attached a Big bow and some flowers with a hot glue gun and hung it on the wall. I was surprised when my husband said he liked it! I think the cluttered plate look stressed him out a little he is a neat freak.

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