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Dollar Store Valentine's Day Wreath

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

My goal is to have a wreath for each month of the year for my front and back doors. That is twenty-four wreaths! So I went to the Dollar Tree to look for cheep supplies. It's January so naturally all of the Valentine's Day supplies are already on display. I really wanted to keep the cost under ten dollars. What I ended up buying was: five infinity scarves, one puzzle, one wreath form, three packs of heart stickers, and one small chalkboard sign. I had everything I needed to make an adorable Valentine's Day wreath and stayed on budget. Yeah me!

First I painted the puzzle pieces red and pink and set them aside to dry. Then I wrapped the wreath form with the scarves holding them in place with some hot glue. I chose to leave the scarves as infinity so they were a little thicker because they were really thin scarves. If I had done just a single layer you would have been able to see the wreath form through the scarves. Next I put the stickers on the wreath. I did have to hot glue them down because they just didn't stick to the scarf. Now, it was time to work on my little chalkboard sign to hang in the center of the wreath. I wasn't in the mood to do any weeding so I looked for a nice font on my Cricut that could be drawn rather then cut. Once the Cricut wrote "Love you to pieces" I have it cut out the paper in the same shape as the chalkboard.. After using a glue stick to glue the paper to the chalkboard it was time to decorate the chalkboard with the painted puzzle pieces. Using hot glue I attached the painted pieces all around the boarder of the chalkboard to hide where the paper ended.

Now you have and adorable Valentine's Day wreath! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, If you made a Valentine's Day wreath I would love to see pictures and how it went.

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