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Exploding box card

Two years ago my husband got me a Cricut for Christmas and I have not stopped crafting. I have always been fascinated with the exploding box as a card. However they look incredibly difficult to make. They have so many pieces to keep track of and make sure each layer fits together perfectly. It's all just intimidating.

While looking for some instructions on how to make exploding box cards I found a lady named and her instructions were by far the best. She also gives you the svg file for the exploding box card she uses in the video. It really wasn't hard to make. The most important part is keeping all the layers grouped together and not mixing them up.

I made one for my husband for fathers day and one for the kids grandma for her birthday. In the smallest box for each one I put a shrinky dink key chain that the kids helped make. They loved them and I loved making them!

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