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Flamingo Summer Wreath

School is almost out and it's starting to get warmer outside. So, I felt inspired to make a flamingo wreath for the front door. However, I didn't have a big budget for this wreath. I headed to the dollar store to see what I could find. They had a lot of tropical themed and nautical themed items, so I went with it. Here's what I picked up for the wreath:

  • Wreath frame

  • 1 Plastic pink flamingo

  • 2 Two pack of blue lays

  • 2 Two pack of purple/pink lays

  • 1 Bunch of white sunflowers

  • 1 Bunch of yellow sunflowers

My plan was to cut the lays and wrap them around the frame but, upon closer inspection I realized that was not a possibility. I was still able to wrap them around the wreath frame and it looks nice. I t did require a little more work to make them look full and fluffy. Next was figuring out how to attach the flamingo. It's not heavy but it was awkward. After some thought I decided to just hot glue it on and hope for the best. Finally, I added some sunflowers to help make it look like I didn't just slap a flamingo on a wreath. I was a little nervous about the flamingo fallin

g off but it has been on the door for a couple of weeks now and hasn't moved. I think it turned out nice and only cost $10.00 to make!

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