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Fun Spring Wreath

So excited to finally have the time to make one of my spring wreaths. I have seen on Pinterest a few ways to make clay pot wreaths and they always seem to be paired with succulents. While I do like succulents I wanted something with a little more color and I didn't want to paint the pots. I really wanted the natural beauty of the pots to shine. I have a ton of ribbon flowers left over from my wedding and thought they would be more fun than the succulents. I gathered my supplies and got started.

What you will need

  • Wire wreath

  • about 32 clay pots

  • wire cutters

  • 22 gauged floral wire

  • hot glue

  • glue gun

  • tulle

  • flowers of choice

First I cut the wire into 32 twelve in pieces. Then I wrapped each pot with a piece of wire and twisted it on like a bread bag. I tried to tie the wire at different heights on the sides of the pots. This way when I attached them to the wreath they would hang a little differently. After I finished putting wire on all of the pots I wrapped the wire wreath with some green tulle. I thought this would help hide the wires from tying the pots on and give it a more spring like look. It also helped hold the pots in place a little better when they were tied on. Finally it was time to attach all of the pots. I found this to be the hardest part. After trying a couple of different ways. I found that if I hung the wreath on a door and attached the pots while it hung was the easiest way to attach them. Once I attached all the pots I honestly didn't like it and thought it looked like a preschooler art project, but I kept going. I thought maybe it's just in that awkward stage and maybe it will get better once the flowers are on.

I started to add the flowers and really didn't like what I saw. The flowers seemed to dark and jewel toned for a spring wreath. I needed something more pastel. So I hung my ugly no flower wreath on the front door until I could find what I needed to finish it. I didn't want to use fake flowers that looked real. I wanted something different like my ribbon flowers. About a week later I was on my Circuit and saw they had some paper flower projects. Finally, I found what I was looking for! I made a ton of paper flowers in some pretty pastel colors and got to work. Once I attached the paper flower it made a big difference and now I love my spring wreath.

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