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Keep the kids busy on rainy days camping.

My husband and I have been camping our whole lives. So it felt natural to carry on the tradition with our children. We camped in a tent until our sixth child, he broke us. After our first summer of excessive heat and crazy rain storms the summer of our sixth child, Mason, we decided it was time for a camper. Once we started camping in a camper we quickly realized we needed to find different ways to amuse the kids. When we were in the tent for bad storm we would put everything on our air mattresses and find a local bowling ally, Museum or other kid friendly indoor attraction. With the camper we didn't need to find shelter to stay dry. One of the things the kids like to make are slap bracelets. I buy blank ones in bulk from amazon or has some nice ones with patterns that you can color. I have found that permanent marker works best. They smudge easily until they dry but once sry they are good.when they are done I write the name of the campground on the back and the date. If the bracelets survive the trip I put them in their memory boxes when we get home. This trip to Cape May, New Jersey it rained the first two days and here are our slap bracelet results.

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