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New Life for some old chairs

My mom gave me a bunch of chair that she had sitting in her pool area which has not been used for a few years now. I was excited until I saw them. They have been sitting outside for about three years and needed some love. We pressure washed them and that helped a little, but they were terrible to sit on and the little ones kept falling through the spacing in the seat. So I put them off to the side until I could figure out what to do with them.

After looking on Pinterest I came across a post about the old folding cloth lawn chairs and how to reweave them. I though if I can cut off the plastic seat and back I have a similar frame. Scissors worked but it was a lot of work. I found some industrial strength scissors in my husbands tools and that was a lot easier. Some of the plastic pieces just fell apart when I pulled on them. Then I cleaned them up as best as I could. The spray painted them.

The next part is tedious but it goes quickly. I used 6mm macramé cord that my Grandmother had given me, but you can pick some up at most craft stores or on Amazon. I started off by tying a double knot, trim it down and burn the end so it doesn't come undone. Then I wrapped the cord around the front and back poles. Unfortunately, you can't get too close to the ends because they are curved. Once I got as far as I could go I tied off the other end and burnt it. Now that all of the vertical wrapping was done it was time to do the horizontal weaving on the seat to make it a little more sturdy. I wove a very basic pattern and decided that I didn't need to weave the back after I sat on the chair. And that is how I gave these old hand me down patio chairs a new life.

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