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Skincare is important at any age!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Skincare has always been important to me even as a teenager. I can remember going camping and my friends picking on me because I'm like it's time to do my skincare routine. I would get up early when camping not to put makeup on and look cute but to make sure I had enough time to take care of my skin. It didn't help that I have been using anti-aging products sense I was 21. However at the same time I was covering myself from head to toe in baby oil to go tanning. The 90's were a weird time. Now that I am older and wiser I know better and have, I think, a good skin care routine. Now, I'm not going to lie I have seven kids and I'm realistic and can't do my routine twice a day. So depending on my day I will do it either in the morning or in the evening and just wipe my face with a baby wipe.

I start off by washing my face with Timeless Prescription to be honest I am not a big fan of the texture of this face wash but once it is lathered it is nice and it works well. Because of the texture of this face I will more then likely not be using it again even though it is nice. I have decided to try SkinTelligence instead. I will update with my review when I try it. Once my skin is dry I move on to the toner. Currently, my favorite is Cellular Laboratories. I apply it with a cotton ball and do five squats while it dries completely before I move on to the next part. Now for my Renewal Gelee. This is by far my favorite product. I just love the way it makes my skin feel. A couple of helpful hints about this product. First, leave the little foil lid on just peel it back enough to use the gelee. They say it helps keep just as nice on day 365 as it is on day 1. Two, it comes with an applicator use it.

The applicator has two purposes, one so you don't "contaminate" the product with the natural oils on your hands. Also to help measure how much you need to use. The first time I used it I was like now way you only need that small of an amount and loaded up my little applicator and quickly realized I was wrong. After that is applied I do five more squats to give it time to dry. Now, it's time for my Eye Balm. This is another product like the gelee with an applicator to apply and an extra lid. I like how it kind of give my eyes a nice glow so I can go without make up and still look somewhat together. Then, some more squats before moving on. A little back ground info first. When I was pregnant with my seventh child I got a symptom that I didn't get with any of my other pregnancies. A little something called pregnancy mask! Up until that point I had never herd of it and it covered most of my face. As you can see from the picture ( I took this pic to show my sister my condition so just ignore my weirdness).

They did tell me that after about a year from giving birth it SHOULD go away. I feel like most of it has gone away but I am still a little nervous because when I go in the sun I can start to see some dark spots again. Which is why is use Illuminating Fading Fluid to help. No squats this time, just some Vitamin E for my lips! Finally, it's time for some lotion on my face and hands. I use Face Firming Moisturizer and Intensive Crème for my hands and body. I know it sounds like a lot but once you get your routine down it doesn't take long at all and you got a little workout in as well.

UPDATE: after using both face washes I have found that I love what Timeless Prescription does for my skin. The good news is that they have come out with a product that solves my sensory issues. Please see my post "Contactless skincare"

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