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What did I plant here?

Ok so I've started my first garden and it's going well so far. However, I can't remember what seeds I planted where and with this being my first garden I don't know what all of the seedlings look like. So I have to keep going back in the house to look at the little map I made when I started the garden. Now I see why gardens have labels. I didn't want a small label because I feel like you are always searching for them. I just wanted something that I could see without having to go into the fenced off area for the garden. Not only that but I have this nice raised garden bed with nothing but dirt in it, or at least that's the way it looks. I gathered my supplies and got busy making my garden labels.

For this project you will need:

  • One Circuit Maker

  • One Circuit mat strong hold

  • One or more Circuit pens (I found that the black is the easiest to see in the sun)

  • Circuit vinyl (Colors of your choice for the veggies)

  • Fun silhouettes of the veggies in your garden

  • Scissors

  • Laminator

  • Laminating sheets ( I used legal sized so I could fit more on at a time)

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Super Glue

  • Any kind of card stock ( you want something sturdy so it will stand up better)

I used the Circuit to write out the names of the vegetables. I was able to put four names per sheet then cut them apart after they printed. Then I picked the colors for my vegetables and cut them out. After they were all stuck on the proper card I started laminating them. Once laminated I cut them out. The next step was a learning process. First I tried to hot glue the popsicle sticks to the signs and at first it seemed to work but we had a nice wind storm and before long we were chasing them all over the yard. The hot glue stuck to the popsicle sticks but didn't hold on very well to the laminate.. So, I left the hot glue on the sticks ( because I knew it was stuck on good) and put some super glue on the sign. I knew that the super glue would stick well to the laminate and was hoping that it would do the same with the hot glue on the stick because I wasn't sure how well the super glue would stick to the wood. It has been a couple of weeks now and I have had to chase any garden signs around the yard again! yeah! I hope you enjoy making these but if you would just rather buy them I'm selling them in my shop.

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