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Winter wonderland wreath

I decided to go with a winter wonderland theme for my two January wreaths. On a trip to Target after Christmas and saw these cute little snow cover trees. I immediately knew what i wanted to do. My next stop was to Michael's to get a few more supplies. It was right after Christmas, so all of the Christmas/winter items were on clearance. I found cute little battery powered lights with little trees and snow in them.

What you will need:

-Wreath form (whatever size and shape make you happy.)

-1 pack of fluffy white yarn

- White fuzzy ribbon for a bow

-2 packs of different size and color snow covered trees

- Cute winter themed battery powered lights

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

This might have been one of the easiest wreaths I have made so far. First, I wrapped both of my forms with the white yarn. I will say I did struggle a little trying to wrap the yarn around the corners of the square form. Through trial and error, I found that alternating wrapping one either side of the corners helped the yarn stay in place and looked much neater. After getting both of my forms covered I made 4 "snowballs" for each wreath. To make the "snowballs you just wrap the yarn around your four fingers about 20-30 times. Then take a piece of the same yarn and tie a knot around the yarn as close to the center of the ball as possible. After your yarn is secured cut the loops in the center on both sides of the yarn ball. Now you have a "snowball." (These are also great for indoor snowball fights)

Time for the fun part, decorating the wreaths. First, I used hot glue to attach three snowballs to the bottom of each wreath. After that, I dumped all my little trees out on the table and started to place them on the snowballs, I did find that it's better hang the wreath up before you glue the trees on, because the snowballs are very floppy and once you hang the wreath the trees may not stand up straight. So, once I figured out where I wanted my trees I tied a piece of yarn around the top of the wreath to hang it. Once hanging, I glued my trees in place. The top of the wreath looked a little plain. I hot glued a snowball to the top of my square wreath and put a bow and the last snowball on the round wreath. Finally time to put the lights on! I started at the top of the square wreath and wrapped the lights around the wreath hot gluing as I went along. Once I got to the bottom I used two pieces of the yarn to tie the battery pack to the back of the wreath. By using two pieces of yarn the battery pack is more stable and easier to slide out to change the batteries when needed. Make sure the power switch is facing up.

That my friends is how you make a cute winter wreath for not a lot of money. Let me know what you think. Also, if you made a winter wreath I would like to see pictures and how it went.

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